Sunday, July 13, 2014   7 p.m.

 With Featured Poet

Photo by Jeffrey Owen Pearson

Richard Pflum


Followed by Refreshments, Book Signings and an Open Mic Reading.


Richard Pflum, born on July 2, 1932 in Indianapolis, Indiana and now lives in Indianapolis. He is the author of three full length books of poetry, A Dream of Salt by The Fredrick Brewer Press (The Raintree Press) Bloomington, Ind., 1980, A Strange Juxtaposition of Parts by the Writers' Center Press, Indianapolis, 1995 and Some Poems To Be Read Out Loud by Chatter House Press, Indianapolis, 2013. He has appeared in Tears in the Fence (U.K.), The Flying Island, The Reaper, Exquisite Corpse, Ploplop, Hopewell Review and Kayak. He also has a poems in the anthologies: The Indiana Experience, Indiana University Press, 1977 and A New Geography Of Poets, University of Arkansas Press, 1992, and two poems in The New Laurel Review, 1999, and a poem in Glass Works, Pudding House, 2002. On the internet he can be found on the archive of PoetryNet, Poet of the Month, October 2003 and on Wabash Watershed, February 2014 a website founded by the current Poet Laureate of Indiana. Pflum hosts a long term poetry interest group, Poetry Salon, through the Indiana Writers' Center. He lives by himself in a dark old house in a sinister part of the City. Here, he has been mugged once and is haunted by frequent ghosts.

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