Sunday, October 12 , 2014   7 p.m.

With Featured Poet

JL Kato


Followed by Refreshments, Book Signings and an Open Mic Reading.

JL Kato is a native of Japan who was adopted by an American serviceman and his Japanese bride. Despite his Japanese heritage, his childhood assimilation into American culture was so complete, that today he would starve if he had to rely on chopsticks. His experiences are chronicled in his first poetry collection, Shadows Set in Concrete, released on 2010 by Restoration Press. The sequence of poems in the book forms a time line from the atomic bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the poet's imagined death. Kato's poems have appeared in Paterson Literary Review, the Tipton Poetry Journal, the Flying Island, Arts & Letters Journal of Contemporary Culture, and A Cocoon for the Pages: Matrix Anthology. He is a two-time winner of the Masterpiece in a Day writing competition and NUVO Newsweekly's 2002 Authors Here at Home contest.  Kato is a board member of Brick Street Poetry Inc. and Etheridge Knight Inc, and he is the poetry editor of The Flying Island Online Literary Journal for the Indiana Writers Center.  He is a technical editor who lives in Beech Grove, with his wife, Mary.  

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Written by Indiana Writers Center — October 06, 2014

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