Sunday, August 9, 2015   7 p.m.

This Month You are the Featured Poet!

Join us for an Open Mic Reading.

Followed by Refreshments, Book Signings and maybe more Poetry.

“Give me the strong silent sun”
                              - Walt Whitman

Now in the hot August weather read from your own book or manuscript, books of friends, favorite classics etc., two to three poems at a time and then there will be other readers & poets. We’ll go around until exhaustion sets in or until we run out of poems (don’t read all your good poems at once). If you have books to sell or poetical projects to promote, please bring them.

If you have never read in public before, now will be a good time to try.  (My advice to new readers is to read slow, and with much volume, please use the microphone, it is your friend.)  Even poems sound better when distinctly heard. Don’t let your poems trail off into inaudibility.

Bring enough poems, talk more Poetry, talk about Poetry, Read, hear, many Poems (not just your own).

The Indiana Writers Center
812 E. 67th St
Just Northwest and behind the Main Gallery Bldg of the Indianapolis Art Center in the Arts Complex foyer.

Any questions:  Call the Indiana Writers Center 317-255-0710 or Muse coordinator, Richard Pflum: 317-356-2048

Written by Roxanna Santoro — July 31, 2015

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