Sunday, October 11, 2015   7 p.m.

With Featured Poet

Helen Townsend

Followed by Refreshments and an Open Mic Reading.

Helen Townsend grew up in Fort Scott, Kansas, has lived all over the world but now resides in Indianapolis. If she were independently wealthy, she would spend her days hopping planes, practicing yoga, writing poetry, going for runs and saving all the animals in the world. And taking some math classes. She would really like to understand math. She loves reading physics books, the dumbed down kind for non-scientists, but even these books are full of equations. And when that happens, she’s lost.

Helen has worked in many areas over the years—taught English to speakers of other languages, taught high school English, taught yoga, coordinated the Indiana State Department of Health Refugee Health Program, to name a few. Currently, she is a TB Nurse Case Manager at the Marion County Public Health Department. This is one of those important government jobs that no one thinks exists anymore, because most people think TB doesn’t exist. It does.

Helen’s father wrote poetry. He used to get up early in the morning, in his boxer shorts, and pound out poems on his Royal typewriter in the dining room. It was mortifying when friends slept over! So anyway, writing poems is apparently in her blood.

Helen’s poems have appeared on the Flying Island, Zocalo and Punchnels websites, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and in two anthologies, Reckless Writing 2012 and Bearers of Distance: Poems by Runners. Helen also actively posts new work on her blog, Her first collection of poetry, Samadhipada: Word Yoga, is being published by Chatter House Press, and should be available for purchase before the end of the year. All the money Helen makes from the book will be donated to the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.

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Written by Roxanna Santoro — October 05, 2015

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