Sunday, July 14, 2013   at  7:00 PM

Presents Featured Poet

Eric Rensberger


Followed by Refreshments, Book Signings and an Open Mic


Eric Rensberger is originally from Elkhart County in northern Indiana, but he has lived in southern Indiana, mainly in Bloomington, since 1974. He first conceived the ambition to be a poet when he was in grade school, but kept his sense of vocation to himself, since he was sure that his fellow students would think he was aiming too high. He wrote sporadically for many years, but starting in his mid-twenties he began to write with conviction toward his goal of becoming a poet.

His work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. He is represented in the anthology And Know This Place, which was selected as the 2012 winner of the Best Poetry Books in Indiana prize from the Indiana State Library. Other publications include the chapbooks Letters, Standing Where Something Did, and Blank of Blanks; as well as more fugitive forms of publication including poems posted anonymously on public kiosks, street lamp poles, and bulletin boards in restaurants.  Eric Rensberger is a convinced and persistent self-publisher. His collected works can be found at the website, which is home to his major work, the ongoing chronological series Account of My Days, at present consisting of more than 1,000 poems.

It has been many years since Mr. Rensberger has done a reading in Indianapolis, and he looks forward to connecting with old and new friends from the writing community there.

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Written by Roxanna Santoro — June 25, 2013

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