Join us Sunday, June 11 at 7 p.m.

With Featured Poet

Mary Place Godsey


Followed by refreshments, book selling, signing, exchange and an Open-Mic reading.

Audience is encouraged to bring a poem written by yourself or by a favorite poet you may wish to read.

Mary Place Godsey is a lifelong resident of Indiana. She was born in northern Indiana and has spent most of her adult life in Indianapolis.  She has an A.B from Indiana University and a J.D. from the Indiana University Law School in Indianapolis.  She has taught high school and had worked for the legislative and the judicial branches of state government.

Mary has always been involved with written word. She currently is a member of the Central Indian Writers Association and leads the Garfield Poetry Circle that meets at Garfield Park. Mary has had poetry published in six issues of "Poetry Garden."  Her poems have also appeared in "The Advocate," "Branches, " "Tipton Poetry Journal," and in "Midwest Poets, from Pen to Paper". She also served as Poetry Editor for "Poetic Portions."

She also writes short stories and other as yet unidentified collections of written words. Mary has participated in the "Poetry in Free Motion" projects and that combine the skills of quilters with poetic work. Mary's goals include organizing and polishing some of her existing poems and writings to the point where she is willing to let them go into books. She says she writes because she has to.


The Indiana Writers Center
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Any questions:  Call the Indiana Writers Center 317-255-0710 or Muse coordinator, Richard Pflum: 317-356-2048

Written by Roxanna Santoro — May 31, 2017

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