IWC Online Open House

Hosted by IWC Board Members Mary Karty and Mahasin Ameen

Saturday, May 23, 8 p.m.

We’re having an online open house to share stories, poems, and plays!

Are you a member of Indiana Writers Center, or participating in IWC programs? You are invited to share your creative work live through Zoom and Facebook during our Online Open House.

We have a limited number of spots. Seeking poems, short essay, flash fiction, or short scenes of 3-5 minutes (no longer!). You must be an active member of IWC, or participating in one of our programs, or past participant as an actor.

When: Saturday, May 23rd, 8 p.m.

Hosted by IWC Board Members Mary Karty & Mahasin Ameen

Please email Mary Karty with your title, genre, include an excerpt of the work you will read or perform, and membership status or program you are participating in. Also, include whether there are any trigger warnings or subject matter which would require higher than PG rating (We’re not censoring, just want to be able to warn audience members who may have young ones around.)

Put IWC Online Open House as the subject line and email your submission to Mary Karty:

Written by Rachel Sahaidachny — May 18, 2020

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