I Remember: Indianapolis Youth Write About Their Lives 2016

I Remember: Indianapolis Youth Write About Their Lives 2016

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Funded by the Summer Youth Program Fund, the Indiana Writers Center's "Building a Rainbow" creative writing program serves a diverse group of young people in Indianapolis, improving their writing and literacy skills through a series of creative writing exercises that teach them how to write the stories of their own lives. Working one-on-one, Writers Center instructors, student teachers, and volunteers help the young writers get their words on the page and also encourage them to reflect upon the experiences they've written about, considering how what they've learned can help them make their dreams come true. I Remember is a collection of writings completed during the Indiana Writers Center summer youth writing programs.

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"Fast-paced, a little bit of everything, and realistic- This is a book that needs to be in everyone's personal library. These children of the Indianapolis area have done it again with their poetic touches and memorable lines. Each child weaves their personal stories into a collection that is touching, heartbreaking, and eye-opening for all readers. I highly recommend for all readers, but especially for those who identify with children, teaching, and writing."

"This book deserves to be on display in every home, school, library, art center, and bookstore. Children write about their struggles, their triumphs, their hilarious yet sometimes heartbreaking experiences. Reading their stories will strum your heartstrings and poke your funny bones, inspire meaningful conversations and spark compassion. A wonderful book that you can pour over in one sitting or pick up anywhere at any point in the book. A wonderful resource for teachers and aspiring educators as well!"

"I received a copy the day it came, I AM BLOWN AWAY! These kids have talent and you can tell some of them are destined to be authors. 10/10 recommend getting a copy. These stories pull at your heart strings and give you a much needed laugh!"

"This is an incredible read! And super fast-paced. These young authors age 6-16 are so very mature for their age, tackling some very serious issues and some lighter ones. This book broke my heart and stitched it together by the end. Some of the stories are happy, others are not. I recommend this book to all of my friends and colleagues in the field of education! Simply amazing. 5/5!!"

"Having worked with the kids whose work is in this book for a summer, I can say with confidence that they will surprise you. The stories they tell and the things they pick up on--surprising, and poignant. It is a snapshot of each for the summer of 2016. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such talented, positive people--both the students, and the staff."

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