Returning: Stories from the Indianapolis Senior Center

Returning: Stories from the Indianapolis Senior Center

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In this engaging collection, nine seniors return to significant moments in their lives, presenting stories that range from hilarious, to thoughtful, to hauntingly poetic. Discover why one writer takes his name from a railroad line and how another tries to change beauty pageant history. Find out what happens when Uncle Bob, his wife and thirteen children arrive uninvited and stay overnight. Spend spring break with four co-eds who travel to Florida, inspired by the 1960 movie, Where the Boys Are. Learn what it is like to serve in the Vietnam War or as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia. Grieve with a mother as she copes with the loss of her nine-year-old son. Cheer for the girl who takes on the playground bully. Enjoy “his” and “her” versions of how two of the writers meet and fall in love.
Returning represents the work of a memoir class taught by Shari Wagner and sponsored by the Indiana Writers Center and the Indianapolis Senior Center. Wagner’s introduction describes the assignments she gave to her class and offers suggestions for writing your own life stories.

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Book Reviews:
"Truly well written. Enjoyed traveling down memory lane with many of the authors. This is a take anywhere book. I actually related to many of the stories. Claudia writes about living in a small town in central Indiana in words that paints a vivid picture of the home she lived in. Linda reminds us of the time when we played out of doors in our own back yard with no TV. Moments like Hike and Seek and 'Going Back in Time' were a joy to read. I recommend it to ALL!  Good job Indianapolis Senior Center."

"I found this an interesting read from front to back. The authors are an eclectic group, and therefore their stories are varied, but ever interesting. The stories are well edited and well presented. It was a pleasurable walk into my own memories."

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