Writing Murder

Writing Murder

An INwords Publication

Jeanne Dams, Phil Dunlap, Michael Allan Dymmoch, Kit Ehrman, Terrence Faherty, S. M. Harding, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Dana Kaye, William Kent Krueger, Beverle Graves Myers, Tony Perona, Mary Saums, Sharon Short, Barbara Shoup and Mark Richard Zubro: These acclaimed Midwestern authors have contributed essays on the basics of writing mystery novels, sharing insights on fiction elements including setting, characters, dialogue, plot and research. In addition, authors offer insight on the genre, how to build suspense, point of view, the circle of openings/endings and marketing the manuscript. 

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Book Reviews:

"Writing Murder is one on those gems that comes along occasionally. This is not a how-to book. It is a book packed with insights into the craft of fourteen talented writers. For the careful reader, each of the essays in this volume replaces an entire how-to book on your bookshelf."

"The advice contained in the essays of Writing Murder applies equally to everyone, no matter what you write. I primarily write fantasy, and saw in every essay ideas I could apply to my own writing. The essays themselves are well-crafted and enjoyable, and I finished the book in about two nights for a first read-through - but I expect to go back to it often as I build my own novels."

"Writing Murder is a must-read for any aspiring mystery writer, and a great reminder for even accomplished authors. With a soup-to-nuts approach, this exquisite guide offers insights on nearly every aspect of the craft, from starting a novel to marketiing the completed manuscript. The various essays offer useful and concrete examples on point-of-view, dialogue, building suspense, research and many other topics. It's easy to read, easy to understand and provides workable solutions to many of the problems a mystery writer will face."

"I just finished reading "Writing Murder." I was initially attracted because it had names on the cover of writers I've read and enjoyed for years. I was extremely surprised at the excellent quality of the advice, and the way each element of writing was broken down and very accessible, without being in any way condescending. This is now on my writing resource shelf."

"Want to know how Libby Fischer Hellmann builds suspense? William Kent Krueger's tips on turning your setting into a character? Sharon Short's advice on pacing? This guide covers the challenges every writer faces and breaks it down into user-friendly advice, in chapters written by some of today's best authors. While it's geared toward mystery writers, the advice on setting, characters, dialogue, plot and more can apply to any story."

"If you're a writer, you'll want to keep this within arm's reach of your keyboard. Don't murder your writing. Get "Writing Murder"."

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