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IPC Scene Nights -- every Monday from 6:30-9:00. Until the threat of Coronavirus has subsided, all Scene Nights will be held on Zoom. Members will receive an email inviting them to the Zoom conference each week. If you would like to attend as an audience member, but you are not an IPC member, please email our Scene Night Coordinator, Marcia Eppich-Harris. (You do not have to send us your Zoom ID to join the meeting.) 

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Scene nights: Weekly; up to 6 playwrights per night -- 10 pages each. Fill out the form below. 

Table reading: Monthly; 1 playwright per night -- full-length play

  1. Table readings will typically be held the last Sunday of the month.
  2. Click here for more information on table readings!

Playwrights are responsible for providing enough scripts for the number of speaking roles, including the reader of stage directions.

Doubling is encouraged for plays with larger casts. In the notes, please indicate the number of cast members or any other useful information that IPC should know. Please keep in mind that actors are volunteers, and we will use gender-blind and race-blind casting at Scene Nights when we do not have actors scheduled that fit the demographics listed in your play. Casting for Table Reads will be more specific. 

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