Melissa Fraterrigo

Melissa Fraterrigo is the author of the forthcoming novel, Glory Days ( University of Nebraska Press), about which Michelle Hoover, author of The Quickening and Bottomland has said,  "Melissa Fraterrigo’s Glory Days presents a world of ghosts and seers, the living and the dead, bound together in a small farming community at the cross-roads of tradition and the most cavalier of progress. Spinning through a series of unforgettable characters, each lured by a sense of freedom, violence, or the need to belong, these stories surprise us, echo with significance, and draw together to paint a complicated portrait of a place about to be lost."

Melissa is also the author of the short story collection, The Longest Pregnancy (Livingston Press). Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in a variety of journals including Puerto del Sol, Massachusetts Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Sou’wester and Shenandoah. She has twice been nominated for Pushcart Prizes, and currently serves as the director of the Lafayette Writers’ Studio.

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