Veterans' Stories

Rob Boyles

A couple summers ago, I arrived in Asia as a Naval Officer at my second duty station. A tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…read more.


Cindy Hornung

I come home. Well, my Body comes home—home to San Antonio. The term home lost its significance for me years ago…read more.


Gary J. Rhyne/M.A.R.S. Calling Home

“Dad, can you hear me? Over.”

“Hello, Hello? Damn it, I can’t hear you,” said a trembling voice.”…read more.


Fred Young/To Mom

Everything start out OK. But after two week and all the exercises that we have to do, not to mention if someone screws up we have to do more, I am not sure if I really want to be here…read more.

Captain Marvin J. Silvershatz/April 10, 1944

Well, Mom, my perfect luck finally gave out. Now that it’s all just a memory I feel you should know about it. Not too many days ago we were forced to bail out of a plane…read more.


Michael Wiley/Home & Buddy System

Circling the sky on a Cessna, myself and three others, taking the adventure of a lifetime. The stomach in a knot similar to the day I left my parents home in Indiana and headed to the Air Force…read more.


George Dingledy/My Old Army Blanket

The year—1945. I was discharged from the Army after three years during World War II and was ready to go home. My discharge station was Camp Atterbury, more.

Morgan/The Most Beautiful American Woman

The Camp Arne First Sergeant called me to his office.
“Morgan,” he said, “you’re from Missouri, right?”
“Yes, First Sergeant.”
“Okay then. That means you are going to be Miss Missouri’s escort.”…read more.

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