The Writer’s Mind Workshop

Instructor:  Angela Jackson Brown
Date: Sunday, July 23
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Location:  IWC
Cost: $75 nonmembers, $48 members, $42 student members/teacher members/senior members/military members/librarian members

Where do the best ideas for stories, characters, and images come from? Where do you glean the answers that evade you at the keyboard? Where will you find the most fertile resource for imagination and truth? Your mind, of course. Especially the recesses of your mind that Stephen King calls a “far-seeing place.” Often the most important work does not happen at the desk or keyboard. It comes from somewhere deeper, from bringing the subterranean riches of your mind to the surface. Here you’ll learn techniques for accessing this material, which will make your writing flow more easily and yield results that are unique and unexpected. When you begin to unlock the mysteries of your mind, you will be amazed by the wealth you discover. Note: This is a cross-genre course, applicable to any kind of writing.

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