"I write from my heart, for myself-the only way I know how to write. Writing novels is a way of looking "sideways" at the joys, sorrows, fears, regrets, and unanswerable questions of my own life. It's a way of living more than one life: imagining the inside of my head, I see a circle of doors, each one with the whole life of a novel behind it. Mine." 

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If you go here, you can read the feature article in Nuvo "The Write Life: making the cut in Indiana publishing" online.

Written by Roxanna Santoro — June 04, 2016


berry connell:

“Barbara Shoup is the author eight novels, " I rarely do that, correcting someone’s grammar, however, here it is slightly different. Yours is a professional statement, and needs to be perfect.
We met at a small talk you gave at Half Price Bookstore (86th Street) and you gave us all such a treasure in your process. I was the one who talked of combining my seven time travel stories into one book, and connecting them.
Since that time, I have come to think the seven as short stories may have been the better choice. In the mind of keeping it simple.
The class you offer is a bit hard to meet, but I would have pulled out all the stops…

I am a student, even though 65, because a day without learning turns one into the past. I would rather remain in the present. Senior? what? 65 isn’t old enough? I was in the military, served in Viet Nam, still get nightmares from some of what I saw, but, the oddest thing… I also remember the beauty of the country. If it hadn’t been for the war, it was a paradise of unbelievable sights and sounds.
But then, $48 is the mark I would hit given no discount.
The downside in my life right now is what I am presently involved with. They found cancer, and the VA sometimes is a hard entity to out guess. For example, 29 November, they are going to insert a long needle through my chest into my right lung to retrieve a sample of tissue to determine if it is lung cancer or bladder cancer. If it is bladder cancer, then it is spreading and they will be most efficiently trying to get rid of it. if it is lung cancer, then they’ll be be using a stronger chemo.
Not fun in either case. But the show starts on the 29, and will continue regularly until they can beat down this growth.
Hopefully without beating me down with it.
So, please keep me in the “loop” for classes. At some point the VA will break off, give me a break (so that they can measure and monitor every change) and in the case of a one day workshop/class, I would love to attend.

November 22 2016 at 02:11 PM

Lan DeNunzio-Cunningham:

The Concord Center is right up my alley. Please give me a call at 317-474-2433, so we can talk.

January 13 2017 at 04:01 PM

Lan DeNunzio-Cunningham:

What happened to the writers official rites in investigative journalism? I remember when the Freedom of Information Act was a civil right for all writers. Not to be undermine!
How can we meet and discuss options?

January 17 2017 at 04:01 AM

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