On Sunday January 18th the IMA opened its galleries for a celebration of poetry and music in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Indiana Writers Center partnered with IMA, Old Soul Entertainment, and Know No Stranger to create three hours of delightful and energized creative exploration. Microphones were set up in several different galleries of the museum, and throughout the afternoon a variety of poets, spokenword performers, musicians, and dancers took to the mic to expound on the theme of love. Indiana Writers Center was happy to invite featured poets Allyson Horton, Lydia Johnson, Norman Minnick, Tracy Mishkin, and Rachel Sahaidachny to fill the halls with their own words. Guests moved in mass, following the flow of the arranged performances from gallery to gallery.

In the Pulliam Family Great Hall crowds congregated for interactive entertainment. Guests of the IMA were invited to step up to the microphone and present their own words. Indiana Writers Center hosted a station that welcomed people to sit down and compose their own love notes or poems.

Written by Indiana Writers Center — February 02, 2015

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