Hi everyone, we’re Katie Morris and Teal Cracraft – the kindred-spirit team behind SpeakYourStory. We started this project to create a website dedicated to telling the unfiltered stories of all women. We deeply believe that every woman has a story to tell, and that the story-telling process is cathartic, brave, and redemptive.

 Too often, our most life-changing, beautiful, messy and sometimes ugly truths are hidden from those we love out of fear, shame and judgment. We know, because we’ve done it too. What we’ve come to realize is that we don’t have to let these experiences isolate and alienate us. Instead, we’ll use our stories to empower and connect. Our goal is to form a strong community that embraces the stories of women with love and compassion.

 Our story sharing platform is designed to be safe and inclusive. We don’t edit the stories and we publish everything we receive. Every woman has a unique voice and we encourage all forms of self-expression. Your story may be a song, a poem, an audio recording, video, a painting, written words, or a photograph. Literally, anything that speaks to your true self has a home at speakyourstory.org.

 We hope that you consider joining our community and sharing your stories with us. Stories can be submitted on our website at speakyourstory.org or through email at speakyourstory1@gmail.com. 

Written by Indiana Writers Center — May 07, 2015

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