Call for Spirit and Place Stories, Poems, & Essays

This year, the Indiana Writers Center, Dance Kaleidoscope, Jewish Community Center, and Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library are partnering to present, Leave Them Something, a Spirit and Place program inspired by Edith Vonnegut’s artwork on environmental justice.

We invite you to use one of her paintings as a springboard to explore the devastating effects of climate change and/or imagine what the future will look like for ourselves and our children when we do what’s needed to reverse them. Poetry, short fiction, and essays will be considered for inclusion in an online anthology to be published in November. Dance Kaleidoscope dancers will choose 10-12 entries to choreograph and perform at “Leave Them Something” on Sunday, November 14 at the JCC Indy.

You may view Edith Vonnegut’s paintings at:

Submission requirements:

*You may submit as many as three stories or essays, each no more than 1,500 words.
*You may submit as many as three poems, each no longer than two pages per poem, single-spaced.
*The subject of your work may be the effects or climate change and/or a vision for a climate-safe world inspired directly or indirectly by one of Edith Vonnegut’s paintings. The title of the painting must be included.
NOTE: Please disregard the statement that says some paintings are not for use as writing prompts. You may use any of the paintings on the site.
*Submissions should be in Word and sent as an attachment.
*Submissions must include your name, email address, phone number.
*If you are a student, please include your school and grade.
*You may include a brief note about why you chose the painting and/or what the painting means to you.

Send your submission to:

View Edith Vonnegut’s paintings at:


Work must be submitted by October 4 to be considered for choreography by Dance Kaleidoscope dancers. Work submitted by October 4 will also be considered for the online anthology, whether or not it is chosen to be part of the performance.

Stories submitted by October 22 will be considered only for the online anthology.

Feeling a little insecure at the prospect of writing about art? Here’s a link to “Writing about Art,” a free Zoom class taught by Barbara Shoup:

Access Passcode: p.5baZgg

And if you’re thinking about writing about the future, here’s another link. This one to “Visionary Worldbuilding,” taught by Saundra Mitchell:

Access Passcode: 0M.P8eGZ

Feel free to email Barbara Shoup if you have any questions:

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