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I Remember: Indianapolis Youth Write About Their Lives


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I Remember: Indianapolis Youth Write About Their Lives is a collection of writing by students in the Indiana Writers Center’s 2013 summer learning program, “Building a Rainbow.” The program serves a diverse group of young people in Indianapolis, improving their writing and literacy skills through a series of creative writing exercises that teach them how to write the stories of their own lives. Working one-on-one, Writers Center instructors, student teachers, and volunteers help the young writers get their words on the page and also encourage them to reflect upon the experiences they’ve written about, considering how what they’ve learned can help them make their dreams come true. “I Remember” also includes the writing prompts used with children, making it an excellent resource for teachers and parents.  

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“From stories about shoes to progressive social politics of identity to personal narrative, this book will ask you to cry, to laugh, to pause. And you’ll give in. Our youth in Indianapolis have voices that, together with ours, sing songs that chronicle this generation, this place, and ask us to contemplate or our own voices might also achieve that. For teachers of creative writing, this book contains valuable pedagogical materials for nonfiction workshops that rock for all ages. I highly recommend this interesting, important, and useful read.”

“I Remember: Indianapolis Youth Write about Their Lives” is an exceptional book that encapsulates the spirit of youth and engagement of imagination with the power of words. Selections from student authors range from hysterically humorous to incredibly thoughtful. By revisiting the world through the lens of a child, adults are reminded of the beauty in a simple world. This book speaks to the inclusiveness of writing as an effective means of communication and reiterates the belief that everyone has a voice worth recording and considering. The short pieces from individual children in several age groups makes for an easy-read that you will want to read over and over again. The is a must-have piece of literature for teachers, parents, students, and anyone interested in memoir writing and/or community literacy advocacy.”

“Full of heartfelt stories that make you jealous that these children and teens are writing stories better than adults. A deep look into the life, pain, and fun the children of Indianapolis experience every day. I loved how open the authors were and how intact their stories remained without the filters of adulthood.”

“This book is special. It is exceptional. Read it. It makes me laugh, cry, smile, etc., because it includes funny, sad, and powerful memoir writing from over 100 youth in Indianapolis, and it reminds its readers about their own funny and sad moments, allowing us to connect and to grow and to hate and to love and to share together. Please read these stories from others so that you can learn more about your own.”

“These kids and their instructors are awesome. I have really enjoyed reading about them on the Facebook posts from the Indiana Writers Center. I’m kinda broke right now, but I’m putting this on my wish list to remind me later!”

1 in stock

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